Haircuts are obsolete

Imagine telling all the barbers in the world that haircuts are a thing of the past. A new, safe, product has been invented that means your hair will always be just the length you want it, no cutting or growing required. How do you think that will go down? How many jobs will be lost? How many barbers will fight back for their profession?

This obviously isn’t happening any time soon and is completely hypothetical.

However, this is happening slowly across many different industries. Automation and artificial intelligence is part of this, jobs are becoming obsolete. We are also finding better ways to achieve the same end result (think taking an Uber over taking a taxi).

What interests me is the fact that people by default are inclined to fight for their right to work, even if their work is becoming obsolete. Maybe it’s better to spend your efforts on retraining for the future? You can’t control if your job becomes obsolete, you can control if you’re ready for it.