Is lazy is efficient?

“Lazy is efficient.” I can still remember my junior high Health Studies teacher, Mr. Taylor, saying this.

Later in high school I remember never cleaning up after myself. There were dishes littered in the downstairs sitting area outside of my bedroom. My Mom would ask my why I couldn’t clean them up. “Lazy is efficient” I would reply. I’m sure that infuriated her. Quite often being lazy shifts your burden onto someone else.

If I wanted to be efficient, I would have simply gathered everything up at the end of each day and deposited them into the dishwasher. Or maybe I simply wouldn’t have ventured downstairs with any sort of tableware. Or maybe I would have hired someone to do it for me (unfortunately, that wasn’t an option when I was 17). The options are plenty, the result the same – job done.

18 years later I’ve decided I don’t agree with Mr. Taylor. Lazy is not efficient. Efficient is efficient.