This is not easy

In my first post titled “Getting started” I wrote about how I will be posting daily for the next year. I’m still committed to doing that, but wanted to update – this is not easy!

The first few posts I had bottled up in my brain, they were ready to be written about. But sitting here on (Canadian) Thanksgiving and I’m at a bit of a loss. I have been under the weather for the better part of this week which has limited my ability to “get out and notice things”. But if I’m honest with myself that’s just a made up excuse.

What I really think is that this commitment is going to take at least 90 days to really start feeling more natural. 84 more days to go.

A quick thought on Thanksgiving, being thankful and gratitude. I’ve completed a gratitude journal for well over 3 years now (writing what I’m grateful for everyday). I think we as humans typically overlook the small things to be grateful for. Imagine if you had a few hours to think of everything you were grateful for and if you didn’t acknowledge something then after the few hours it wouldn’t exist (not disappear, it would cease to exist). Sure changes the perspective on what to be grateful for, doesn’t it?

Happy Thanksgiving.