You can’t lie down here

If you live in Calgary, and have been to the new Watermark Tower (707 5th Avenue), you might recognize these:

Last week I decided to lie down and attempt my version of a “meditation” (guided using Insight Timer). After about 5 minutes I couldn’t fight the feeling that someone was standing over me, watching. I opened my eyes and confirmed my fear, there was a building security guard standing there staring down at me.

“You can’t lie down here!”

Can’t lie down here? I was confused, why wouldn’t I be able to lie down on what to me looks like a bed. He was unable to provide me with any sort of answer, just simply repeated “you can’t lie down here.”

Thinking back now I understand this is likely a rule to prevent people who are facing homelessness from utilizing the building for a rest.

Design is important. If you don’t want people to lie down in your building, then it’s probably a bad idea to put out beds.