Kids and improv

A few months ago I finished reading To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink.

One thing that came up in the book was how during the sales process you should rely on the four rules of improvisation theatre.

Rule 1 – Always agree. Meaning you have to agree with what the other person proposes or creates.

Rule 2 – Say “Yes and”. Basically follow rule 1 and then add to it.

Rule 3 – Make statements. Rather than always asking questions simply state something and roll with it.

Rule 4 – There are no mistakes. No matter how weird or funny it is, go with it.

I realized the other day that I should apply these rules when playing with my kids.

The results were incredible, I can’t remember that last time that we had such an in depth play session. I didn’t realize it but because I was not always agreeing to what my five year old was proposing I was hurting our ability to create and have fun.

P.S. I think this goes without needing to say but obviously as a parent you shouldn’t blindly follow these rules if it’s going to result in any sort of safety issue or damage to property. For example if your kid says “lets play with knifes” don’t blindly say “yes!”