The modern workflow

I’ve been thinking lately on what my ideal workflow should be. What set of tools should I utilize and when in order to maximize my output. Phone, Email, Slack, Asana, Trello, Jira, Hangouts. The list of available tools goes on and on. And they can all to connect to each other!

I don’t think there is an ideal solution but I’ve decided on the following framework.

  1. Actually doing work
  2. Communication tools

Spend the majority of your time isolated from #2 focussing on #1. Strategically set aside time where you focus on #2 exclusively.

Try not to jump back and forth between both. This is the ultimate time waster.

As for the micro outlook (no pun intended) for #2 this will vary for every business and person. Decide on a framework for each and try to stick to it.

For me personally:

Phone – Only gets used when I have a phone call set up in advance. The chances of me answer an unsolicited call is zero. Chances of an answer are slightly better if I’m expecting a call.

Email – Avoid chains. If you think there will be a back and forth set up a call.

Slack – Internal communications only for non-task related work. (For example, quick project update and other non-task related workflows).

Asana – Project management tool for task related work. Again, avoid back and forth scenarios as much as possible. Any written comments should be related directly to the task they are commented on.

#2 will evolve over time as new tools come available. #1 will always be where you should spend most of your time. Watch out for shiny object syndrome!