To unplug, or not?

Is it important to completely go offline from work when on holiday or vacation? I’ve heard the argument both ways. 

On one side going completely dark (no work email, calls, etc) will allow you to recharge fully, gain new perspective and have you feeling refreshed when you come back to work. It’s a true break. 

On the other side, and I think this is especially true for entrepreneurs, is not at least having some visibility on what’s happening in their business actually causes more anxiety and cancels out  some of the benefits of the holiday. By the way, I think that this anxiety is probably superficial and can be reduced once one sees the benefits of a total disconnect. 

As business owner I haven’t had a real holiday in over 5 years (not by choice, by necessity). It doesn’t bother me because it’s what I signed up for and is ultimately my decision. Long term planning will allow me to disconnect while on holiday, we just aren’t quite at that point yet. 

But, also as a business owner, I would never ask my employees to check in while on holiday. I would encourage them to go completely dark, even if they think it will cause them some initial anxiety. Because I think, in the long run, this is winning strategy. 

The problem with “checking in” while on holiday is that it can turn into a manufactured emergency really quickly. Where is the line between “checking in” and “actually doing work”? 

If you’re business can’t survive when an employee decides to go on vacation, how will it do if that person decides to move on to other opportunities?