100 Men

Two days ago I had the pleasure of attending a 100 Men meeting.

For those of you who don’t know 100 Men is a group of guys that get together once a quarter and donate $100 each ($10,000) to a local charity. During the event three nominated charities present and then the members vote on which charity will get the bulk donation.

I’ve been involved in the group for close to four years now and have to say it’s something I look forward to every quarter (thanks, Alex for co-founding and getting me involved). For me it, serves as a reminder how important giving back to your community is. When it comes to charity, every little bit counts. Combining donations as a group since to multiply this effect. And as a bonus you get to spend a few hours hanging out with some good dudes.

If you live in Calgary, happen to read this, and want to get involved shoot me a message.

There is a women’s group as well! And if I’m not mistaken they got started first and were the inspiration for 100 Men.