Maybe we shouldn’t call it homework

Having kids I’ve recently had to engage in the discussion about homework and wether or not kids should be required to complete it.

Instead of calling it “homework” maybe we should just call it “schoolwork”. Give our kids a reasonable amount of time to complete their “schoolwork” at school. This means no one project that has to be completed exclusively at home.

Doesn’t this teach some level of responsibility? When you’re at school you can focus on school. Assuming you focus you will be able to get the work done. Which means after school you can choose to do whatever you want.

I’ve come to this conclusion by reverse engineering my path in school. In university I would always end up doing work and projects last minute during the evening because I hadn’t been taught the value of being proactive with my time in school.

Maybe this speaks to a larger need that schools should teach things like how to learn, how to manage time, personal finance, etc.