On being recorded

It’s interesting that when we know that we are being recorded than we act like completely different people. We try to be better versions of ourselves and/or try to make our actions suit our audience.

One thing on this blog (which is a written form of recording) that I’m trying to do is be as authentic as possible. In my first post I mentioned that this experiment was actually for me, rather than for any sort of audience.

Typically if someone wants to start a blog they ‘can’t think of what to write.’ In actuality doing the reverse is a better way; start writing and then since you’re committed to writing you start to notice things to write about. 

It’s amazing when you think about. We have interesting topics to speak about all day with friends, family and colleagues but when it comes to writing we go blank. 

When push to be as authentic as possible it’s much easier to write. If I start to worry about other people’s perception writing becomes difficult.

Bottom line: be yourself and don’t worry about what other people think.