7.7 Billion

I was walking around downtown Calgary yesterday and I started to think about how many people live here (1.2 Million).

Compared to the rest of the world and it’s not really that many people.

Canada (38 Million).

North America (579 Million).

World (7.7 Billion).

The world population is an insane amount of people. With numbers this daunting I like to convert them into time (in this case 1 person = 1 second). I don’t know why but it helps distill the numbers on a more meaningful scale. For example:

Calgary (1.2 Million) 139 days.

Canada (38 Million) 4,398 Days or 12.05 Years.

North America (579 Million). 2,442 Years.

Wow. We really are just specs in the universe. And if we are so insignificant is there really a purpose to life? Or because we are so insignificant the purpose of life is just that – to live. To live for you and those who you choose to share your life with. Maybe it’s that simple.