Throughout this blogging experiment one thing I’m glad that didn’t initially do is to select writing categories in advance. At the time of posting this the majority of my posts are “uncategorized” and I have a few sitting in “language learning“.

To be honest, it started out as a form of laziness. I didn’t want to think about the categories that I would be writing about.

If I would have selected categories in advance it would have potentially made it more difficult to write as I would have restricted myself to a specific set of categories. Instead, I’ve allowed myself the write about whatever I find interesting (which turns out to be skewed towards self improvement with an entrepreneurial aspect to it).

Over the coming weeks I will start to categorize posts but I will leave the “uncategorized” topic open to ensure that I continue to be free to write about whatever I want.

This also reinforces the fact that getting started is half the battle. Over-thinking something in advance might result in inaction.