The Spanish are onto something here.

I’ve recently updated my daily routine that includes an extended afternoon break where I get some exercise in, school and/or dayhome kid pick up, hang out, play, have an early dinner, relax. No sleeping for me unfortunately, but it is a future consideration.

After that I go back for a focussed 1-2 hours of work. By focussed it means I’ve picked the task in advance and do only that without distraction.

The initial results have been great. I’ve always found myself to be more productive in the morning at the start of my work day and by doing this it almost feels like I have two starts to the day.

That being said I think it speaks greatly to the fact that today’s modern worker should be able to choose their own schedule that’s optimal for them. This is a win-win situation, it’s better for their personal well being and it’s better for the business they work for. Of course this isn’t possible in all types of roles and some level of flexibility might be expected in order to align with other’s schedules. But it’s a thought worth considering.