As I lay in bed last night I remembered suddenly that “I don’t have anything ready to post on my blog tomorrow”. If you’re not following, I committed in late 2019 to blog ‘daily’ for an entire year.

Normally I have between 2-10 posts queued up and ready to go each day. Contrary to popular belief blogging daily does not mean you need to write daily.

The beauty of having a “buffer” means if something pops up, it’s no big deal. You can pick it up later.

Having a buffer can apply to other parts of life as well.

Personal finance, for instance. Having an emergency fund can give you some room if something comes up (like losing a job).

Another good example would be when you’re driving. Having a buffer between your car and the one in front of you is typically a good idea. It gives you time to react if something happens.

When I started this blog a few months ago I would have gotten out of bed, opened my computer and wrote something. With my buffer in place, no big deal.

Time to focus on what matters in this moment.