I’m trying out more free writing with my blog. In fact that’s how I came up with this post topic. I simply started writing and then realized that I hadn’t discussed this on the blog yet.

I enjoy writing. I like sharing my thoughts with the world and hopefully, post by post, making the world a bit of a better place.

Freewriting is helping me achieve this as I’m simply letting go when I sit down to write. Of course the topics I write about are influenced by environment, what I’m reading, who I speak with, what I notice, etc. The technique allows these things to come back more naturally, as opposed to forced onto the page from a note I made in my notebook.

It’s weird it almost feels like I’m not in control, like the thoughts coming into my head from nowhere. Maybe that’s a metaphor for life, you don’t really have control over anything except for how you feel. Feel good and then go through your day doing what feels natural.