More chaos, less control

Let go of the outcomes and focus on the process. There is so much chaos and randomness in our live’s that this is more important than every.

We are completely out of control of most outcomes, so why stress about it?

Sometimes I get stressed out when my day doesn’t go as planned, but I’m learning to let go. It is a learning process, my wife can attest, but I’m getting better.

There are so many things that we come across that really don’t matter, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the minor details.

The easiest tool that I’ve found, is putting less in my calendar. Much less. And blocking off time for excercies and creative thinking. Taking breaks. Sitting, doing only one thing at a time. Enjoying the little things.

It feels so counterintuitive. Typically we think in order to get more done we need to do more. That’s simply not the case, we actually need to do less.

Less in total, more of what matters.