Stealing baby food

Last week I was in Superstore pickup up some groceries. In the distance the emergency exit alarm sounded and I could hear someone yell “Stop!”.

Standing in the hallway two people started sprinting towards me, on their way to the exit. One small, younger women followed by (what I thought) was her male counterpart.

My intuition was to get in the way, stop the thieves. But I was with my 18 month old daughter so I naturally hesitated, and let them pass.

As it turns out the second person running was not a male counterpart, he was a “theft reduction” employee. In other words, an undercover shopper that monitors customer activity to prevent theft. When I saw him later I asked him about what had happened. The girl was attempting to steal baby food and diapers. When he told me, it hit me hard so I’ll write it again here. Baby food and diapers.

The moment made me really grateful for what I have. I was at the store, with my daughter, shopping for whatever we needed. Meanwhile there is people in our city who need to rely on theft in order to take care of their children.

It also re-iterated the fact to me that we can’t judge people. Ever. We never know what they are truly going through. I witnessed what I thought was a petty crime when really what I saw was a mother trying to do her best for her child.