The 2-1 work cycle

Recently in Canada there has been talk about a 4-day work week.

The idea is interesting but really depends on the industry and the job.

To be honest I think keeping a 40 hour work week, but compressing to 4 days won’t really move the needle. But again it really depends on what the job is.

For a lot of white collar jobs “time in seat” does not equal “results” which is an important consideration.

I’ve been pondering what a 2-1 work week would look like. Two days on, one day off. That plus the opportunity to have a few longer breaks throughout the year could be interesting. Of course the traditional weekend would be gone in this case.

Or potentially a 4-day work week but with Wednesday off as opposed to Monday/Friday. Sure, having a long weekend is nice but getting back into the rhythm of work can be more difficult after the extended break.

Or maybe the answer is (assuming your job/team can accommodate) to just choose the hours that work for you, be transparent with colleagues, and don’t shame people for working more/less hours. Because like I said “time in seat” does not equal “results”.