The black square

I had a moment today.

Should I post a black square on my Instagram account? Or not?

Lots of emotions passed through me.

Is this an empty gesture? Am I ‘virtue signalling’?

I’m not a racist. But I’m not perfect either.

I’m a white male. That’s a fact.

The system is built in my favour. Also a fact.

Then I thought, what if I die tomorrow? Would I want that black square to be there or not? And when I thought about it this way it was an obvious yes. It became clear to me that there was no middle ground here. You’re either in or out. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

I have some self reflecting that needs to be done. I need to figure out how to support my friends of colour better.

For me that black square is the start of that journey.