Planning to not plan

Over the past month I’ve taken a substantial amount of time off to recharge. I’m in the process of finalizing my next steps, and more importantly living life a bit more ‘normal.’

One thing that I’ll be taking with me moving forward is blocking off time where I intentionally don’t make plans. Both on a family and professional level.

For example, as a family, a lot of the time it feels like we are always in ‘Go’ mode. Either doing some family activity or something around the house. What I’ve come to realize (now even more than before) is creating some space without any sort of plan will be healthy for us.

On a professional (alone) level the same holds true. Yesterday, for example, I decided to go downtown in the afternoon without any set plan and it was refreshing. I went for a walk. Reconnected with a few colleagues. Did some reading. Wrote this post. And maybe most importantly, created some space for high level thinking.

I’m not saying we should do this all the time. Having a structure can be beneficial. But creating space for a bit of randomness can help us see things from a different perspective and enjoy the moment better.