Ask more questions

This may sound obvious but sometime the easiest way to thinking productively is to ask ourselves the questions we want answers too.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day ‘busyness’ of whatever we’re trying to achieve. Sometimes I feel like I’m turning into a task machine and my goal is to simply check the next thing off my list.

Rather, we should ask ourselves in he moment “what’s the most important thing I can be doing right now?” It’s strange because if we ask and listen, I mean really listen, to ourselves then the answer will be provided.

And sometimes the answer might surprise us.

It might be “go for a walk” or “take a nap”. Other times it might be “write your next blog post” or “call someone”.

I think today we often focus too much on the ‘doing’ without thinking if what we are doing is actually effective.