This is post 366 (One year!)

I did it.


It took me about 13 extra days. I took a few days off. Oh well.

The experience was the same. I enjoyed doing it and glad I made it this far.

Would I do anything different? For the first year, no. I think committing to something and doing your best to deliver is important. My only goal with this was to find my voice and just share what I think is interesting with the world.

Am I changing anything? Yes. I will probably scale back to 3-5 posts per week. I haven’t decided yet.

I think it’s important to have some sort of cadence or else you just simply won’t do it. But I’m not convinced that a post every day is always sustainable

If you’ve read even one of my posts, thank you. I appreciate you. I’m happy you took the time and hope I’ve been able to add even the tiny fraction of value into your life.

Onto the next one!