Today is the day

After (more than) a few months off I’m ‘officially’ starting my new venture.

It’s called Nobl Marketing. Spoiler alert – it’s just me.

I’ve been in the mobile app marketing space for almost 10 years. A few months ago I was actually considering getting out of it.

What changed my mind?

I love the space! The use of mobile apps has become engrained into the human experience. We use them everyday to connect, learn, play, work.

On top of this mobile app marketing is rapidly evolving in terms of customer privacy and data (for the better I might add). I want to help companies navigate that shift.

Most importantly I want to prove that there is a better way for consultants/agencies to work with advertisers (including true transparency, shared risk, focus on client in housing, and more). There is a lot to unpack here, so I’ll spare you on this post.

What does this mean for my personal blog?

Nothing, I’ll still be posting updates here on a regular basis (in fact I’ve been considering moving back to a commitment to daily posts, more on that later).

However there is now a few more places where you can find me creating content.

First, the Nobl Open Blog РOn building a company, minimizing the principle-agent problem, transparency, work-culture, and more. 

Second, Nobl App Marketing Resources РActionable insights for mobile app marketing, growth and retention. Probably less (??) relevant ot most of my readers here (Ryan, Bryan, and Travis Рthank you). But I thought I would share anyways.

What else does it mean?

I’m going to be more active on social media. For example, if you come here from my Twitter profile you’re going to see a mix of tweets pointing to this blog and the content I create for my consulting practice.