If you’re busy

and you’re able to stay up to date on the latest Netflix series, then you’re not busy!

Why has busy become the default for our society? I’m guilty of it, especially recently. Get up and go until it’s time for bed.

But maybe being busy or not isn’t the solution. Maybe the solution is being busy with things we like so we don’t feel like we are busy?

Celebrate more

This week I’ve decided that I’m going to celebrate more. Even the little wins deserve a celebration.

Most humans celebrate the holidays and other big life events but it’s really the little wins that make up the most of our lives.

Let’s celebrate!

Don’t confuse knowledge with passion.

Don’t confuse knowledge with passion.

Alex Putici

The above quote has stuck with me for the past month and a half so I wanted to share.

Just because we’re good at something doesn’t mean we need to be passionate about it and just because we’re passionate about something doesn’t mean we need to be good about it.

I know a lot of people who are passionate about golf but aren’t good at it. I also know people who are extremely good golfers but aren’t passionate about it (or at least not anymore).

It’s probably worth finding something that you are good at and passionate about. Or at least something you are passionate about and can get better at. Definitely not something you are good at and not passionate about.

P.S. Thank you, Alex. For all your support over the past 4+ years. I am forever grateful.